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These administrative pages should help to remind you where the various files are located and what they should be named in order to update the web site content.

It is important that the editorial copy remains within fixed size table cells or else the various modules that make up a visible page will change size and no longer line up correctly - which is a bad thing.

It is also important that images are the correct size and saved as small files (generally about 30KB) or they too will upset the page appearance, and may also make loading slower - another bad thing.

General information about managing the site can be found using the links to the left, whilst information specific to the cricket teams can be found using the links above.

Finally, when uploading a new file or image, not only do they have to have the correct name exactly (i.e. case sensitive and with the right file extension), they must also be placed in the right folder. Missing or misplaced files will generate visible error messages on the web site or possibly redirection to Fasthosts error page.

If you have problems just drop me an e-mail

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