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Unless there are unforeseen changes this is a task that only needs to be done once a year! The files that need changing are in the team folders and are all called similarly e.g. 1st_xi_fixtures.

Just open the file, make the changes, save and publish.

You can also easily make a fresh reference file that contains all the names of the file reports that you will be creating for that season e.g. Apr_01_1stxi. The reference file is called e.g. 1stxi_fixtures_reference and rather than redo that file you can just delete the sponsors' names, add the sequential file names instead, and then 'Save As' and choose to overwrite the reference file.

One thing I do not think I can automate is to wipe all the previous season's match reports so will suggest that we keep a set of blank files for each team and just upload the lot at the start of the new season.


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