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There is quite a lot to learn if you wish to produce photo-galleries, flash files, or even simply add a photograph to the site. It is even possible to have images randomly chosen with php coding. I will prepare the galleries etc for you initially and you can decide how much input you would like later.

It may be that just replacing a few images will suffice until you want to take it further? I have generally put site-wide and front page images in the 'images' folder but team photos in separate "photos" folders for each of the teams (eg 1st-Xl-2012.jpg).

I would recommend that photos intended to occupy the whole 'photo-box' space be about 650 pixels wide; although the box is 675 pixels wide larger images will look cramped. The photos can be as tall as you like but may push content down as a result.

The First XI 2012 photo for example was resized to 650 x 400 pixels and saved for web & devices (quality 50) = about a 60 KB file.

The Team Names are stored in the "teams" folder for each team and named 1st_team_photonames.htm eg.

The "action" photo on the front page should be 325 x 240 pixels and the caption beneath it is a file called frontpage_photocaption.php found in the news folder.



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