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The match reports will be a weekly task and you can work on the latest match report at the top of the items in the team's reports folder (called eg 1stxi_latest) which you can replace with your editorial. You will need save this file twice and to know which match file to replace for each match so I have taken the fixture lists and annotated them with the file name for each one (e.g. Apr_01_1stxi for the First XI's match on Saturday 10th April 2010). You can see the list on line by clicking on the team's link above.

The files can be seen in the team's folders, in a sub-folder called 'reports', as highlighted opposite. If you open the folder you will find the named files that you will use to "Save As" the relevant match report.

You simply need to open the latest match file, (e.g. 1stxi_latest), write up your report and save it once to make the changes, then go to File > Save As and select the file that you wish to replace (e.g. Apr_01_1stxi).

You will be asked if you want to overwrite it, click OK, and then when you're ready publish to the Server.


The latest match report will look like the example below initially. It is vital to keep the width as set but the length does not matter.

The reports will automatically be added on a monthly basis so that pages do not become too long (43 reports would need a lot of scrolling). As I understand that you will not keep an archive of reports the same system can be used the following years.

If you have problems just drop me an e-mail

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