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The site has been designed with MS FrontPage 2003 using html and also php code. FrontPage may need configuring to view php pages (Tools > Options > Configure Editors).

Pages made with php coding cannot be viewed properly on a PC until they have been published to the Server (unless the PC is set up to act like a Server). However, changes can very easily be applied across the whole site by simply changing a single line of code rather than alter whole pages.

The nuts & bolts (they may be useful one day?)

The templates created use a single pixel gif (called bg2.gif) as the background colour so just replacing this gif with another will change the colour of the whole site.

The centrally placed 'page' sits in a 900 pixel-wide, bordered, padded, table cell.

The banner image(s) are 850 x 200 pixels in size and have a 7 pixel white border so become 864 pixels wide which is important to remember when sizing the contents below.

The light grey band below is a module called topbar.php and contains links and the date.

The dark grey band next is a module called homepagebar.php (on the home page only), and contains the cricket teams navigation (navbarhorizontal.php) which is also used site wide.

Going down the home (index.php) page there are several modules (patsmodule.php, officialsmodule.php, eventsmodule.php and photosmodule.php). These are all 864 pixels wide and contain the narrow area to the left (170 pixels wide) and the main area to the right (680 pixels wide, but with a 5 pixel gap between the two sections).

Therefore it is crucial that any editorial content does not exceed 675 pixels in width. I have generally used 650 pixels table width for the match reports etc to allow a safety margin.

Within the narrow coloured area to the left I have placed navigation menus (either site wide or page specific) and small newsflash modules, 140 pixels wide with padding and a border.

Finally, at the bottom there is a copyright section (copyrightbar.php).

If you have problems just drop me an e-mail

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